New Snail Award champion for Aug 2018

Posted on Tue, 4 Sep 2018

We have a new champion! "Exit TPE towards Punggol" beats the usual champ "Punggol Rd towards Sengkang" by 154.03 mins to claim the top spot.

Top 2 congested roads in Aug 2018

However, if you have been following the charts (bottom of Stats Page) over the months, you will see that high congestion durations of over 200 mins are typically recorded on Saturdays for "Punggol Rd towards Sengkang" so missing those precious minutes during the unexpected outage over the 11 and 12 August weekend definitely had an impact.

Not a clean victory but we shall see what happens next month. Also, I will try to minimise such outages.

Regardless, I think the new champ shows a different personality. Until the new road into Punggol Central opens in Q3 2019 (source: LTA), this route remains as one of the main arteries into Punggol Town.

Map showing bus stop and routes along Punggol Road and TPE Junction

Note: 5 digit numbers are bus stop codes

The Snail chart is replicated below.

Snail Award Aug 2018 chart details

Morning jams between 6am to 8am on weekdays are common, probably due to students heading to schools. Congestions on weekends are negligible though. People definitely travel into Punggol on weekends to shop or dine; they just don't go in the early mornings. Perhaps a mass run at the Waterway could trigger a blip?

Looking to gather more insights.