Less congestion during March school holidays

Reduction in monthly congestion time

Posted on Tue, 3 Apr 2018

As expected, Punggol Road - TPE Junction [Towards Sengkang] remains the champ for the 3rd consecutive month.

There is an interesting observation if you look at the daily congestion chart below.

Daily congestion chart for march 2018

During the school holidays from 12 (Mon) to 18 (Sun) March 2018, there is significantly less congestion (i.e. less traffic). In particular, the congestion recorded on 17 March is lower than the Saturdays before and after. Personally, I feel the difference because there are just less people in the trains and the mall. I am sure motorists feel it too.

What about other roads? Let’s compare the Top 5 Congested Spots in February and March.

Top 5 congested roads in Singapore for february 2018

Top 5 congested roads in Singapore for march 2018

Other than a minor change in ranking, you will also see a drop in congestions across the board. This might be one of the strongest evidence yet of a correlation between school holidays and traffic conditions. Likely the figures will go up again in April but it is good to know that we now have real data showing such trends and hopefully we can discover more as time passes.