1. If a recipient email is empty, all settings under it are ignored and email forwarding is disabled.
  2. Only records that are forwarded via email are shown under SMS details.
  3. Changing the settings when there are pending emails being forwarded can cause unpredictable behaviors!
  1. Use the following fields to compose your subject line:
  2. #datatime#Date and Time of SMS/Call
    #mobile#Mobile number of sender
    #name#Name of sender (if applicable)
  3. Examples
  4. TemplateEmail Subject
    SMS2Email Buddy: SMS from #mobile# [#name#] on #datetime# SMS2Email Buddy: SMS from 12345678 [Ken] on Fri 04 Jan 2015, 23:54:23
    Rule 1: SMS from #mobile# Rule 1: SMS from 98765432
  1. You can choose to forward by keyword(s) or mobile number(s).
  2. Use commas to separate keywords and mobile numbers. Spaces next to commas are automatically removed.
  3. Example
    Keyword Field:me,Friend , ha ha, you
    Recognised Keywords:me Friend ha ha you
  4. Keywords are not case sensitive (e.g. HeLLo matches hello, promo matches Promo).
  5. Keywords and mobile numbers can be a partial match (e.g. off matches offer, 7654 matches 98765432). Example:
  6. Settings
    SMS:Happy Lunar New Year my friend! 恭喜发财!
    Rule:Forward by Keyword
    Type:Contains any one of the keywords
    happyMatch Happy
    Friend my newAll match
    offerNo match
    End offerMatch friend
    恭喜 Match 恭喜
    发达 No match
  7. Keywords might not work across all Unicode character sets.
  8. Upgrade to our paid app, PigeonHole, to configure up to 10 recipients with individual rule and more subject template options.
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