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SMS2Email Buddy and PigeonHole AndroidTM Apps

SMS2Email Buddy is simple to use but packs a punch:
  • Configure up to 10 recipients
  • Configurable retry intervals and attempts make sure your recipients get it, as long as you connect to the Internet before the attempts max out
  • Log of all transaction details
  • Search feature on SMS content
  • Logs are automatically maintained and exported to SD card every month
  • You can choose to email monthly log to your default recipient
  • Reconnect to your preferred Wifi network automatically when in range
  • Runs reliably as a background service
  • Safe. We do not keep any SMS or password in our server. In fact we won't know your transactions since you are sending email from your Google account. We do like to encourage proper usage to minimise spam though.
MMS is not supported. SMS2Email Buddy is now available for free in Google Play with a one-time registration and a monthly limit.