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We are a Singapore based company with many years of experience in software, web and mobile development

We embrace the need to explore and implement new technologies
We put our hearts and minds into every aspect of our involvement
We take pride in demonstrating our highest quality of work and professionalism
We are committed towards professional ethics and social responsibilities
We provide technical support to help ensure maximum uptime to your company operations. A common issue arises when your network is slow in retrieving emails and you are straddled between your ISP and mail hosting company; it could even be due to your firewall or anti-virus software! You need someone to identify the problem and we can help.
Apps are getting ever increasingly popular with consumers. Businesses must leverage on apps to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve relationships with customers. We have experience developing apps in the 2 dominant platforms - Android & iOS - to enable you to reach out to 99.7% of smartphone users.
Almost everything is connected to the web now and users expect services to be available anytime, anywhere. However, there are challenges involved when it comes to security and keeping user data secured. That is why we keep to best practices, check our services against vulnerabilities and update software patches regularly.
da Vinci puts it best; Simplicity is the utmost sophistication. We also believe in applying a high level of consistency which leads to familiarity and ultimately, trust from your customers. We have the skills to adapt the most suitable template or create something entirely fresh for your business.
Tooth Art Dental Centre company logo
Established originally as an Orthodontic Centre for both adults and children, various aspects of restorative dentistry like crowns, bridges, implants, veneers and bleaching were added to complement the Centre’s repertoire of aesthetic services.
Vip Hotel company logo
Situated in a quiet upper class residential area just on the outskirt of the city, what you experience at VIP Hotel is the tranquility of a quiet neighborhood plus the convenience of city life.
Imagequad Technology company logo
Established in January 2002, Imagequad Technology knows all about the latest audio visual technologies and how it applies to various sectors.
Hon Kheng PDA company logo
Since 2009, Hon Kheng PDA has been providing noise and vibration monitoring solutions to help clients meet the needs of their construction projects.
Project Traffico shows traffic conditions along hotspots 23 Mar 2018

Lately I have been working on Project Traffico. Essentially, it is a creative use of bus arrival times to infer traffic conditions along certain hotspots in Singapore. There are daily and monthly statistics, historical charts and also some interesting stories.

Preemptive Maintenance (Disaster Recovery Plan) 6 Nov 2017

I recently reconnected with the boss of a clinic. He told me he uses two software applications on his server, which has been running for the past 6 to 7 years. He does not engage an IT person for his clinic and he cannot imagine the amount of work he needs to do if the server suddenly crashes due to hardware failure

Migrating Emails From Outlook Express 3 Jul 2017

Just a while ago, I got a request to migrate emails from a Windows XP machine running Outlook Express. I am glad my client decided to make the upgrade to a new PC running Windows 10 to improve security.

If you are looking for a way to migrate emails from Outlook Express into Thunderbird or Outlook, here are your options

Adding A Binary Touch To Singapore Coffee (KOPI) And Tea (TEH) Culture 9 Mar 2017

A while back, I came across an incident where a patron had to walk 10m away to confirm his friend’s KOPI or TEH order. As an engineer, I start to ask myself if there is a better way to remember such orders. Knowing these local KOPI and TEH orders can be confusing because they are made up from different languages (e.g. KOPI C PENG SIEW-DAI), I started designing a binary sequence to systematically ‘step’ through each order

Good Security Practices 14 Sep 2016

There have been increasing reports of users being infected with ransomware. In short, it is a form of malware and once you are infected, you will not be able to view or edit files and you can only unlock them by paying a ransom to the hackers. One of my client's computers was infected

Checking the Sender Email 14 Sep 2016

Always check the sender email address to ensure it is somebody legit. This is the first step to protect yourself against hackers. How exactly should you check?

SMS2Email Buddy and PigeonHole Security and Usage 11 Mar 2016

… Hence in the meantime, until we can incorporate this authentication mechanism without sacrificing efficiency, you may be required to specify the settings to 'allow less secure apps access' in your sender Gmail account.

However, we encourage you to follow these recommendations when using these apps to minimise your risks

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